How To Maintain Nike Free Running Shoes

Wearing one pair of Nike FREE Run for certain long time may make them dirty. This may make the shoes easier to be destroyed and worn out. Not only purchasing good shoes is important, but also to maintain them. From now on you may know how to clean them now. Deal with them in proper way can make the dirty shoes offer you pleasant feeling again.

First, check out the shoes sole area where should have some pre-scrub. Stains can be brushed and removed by this step. If you can not brush them, add some liquid dishwasher detergent on the brush and that may be helpful.

Second, Make the shoes exposed as much as possible, such as take out of the shoelaces.

Third, place the free shoe on the dishwasher. And not make the shoe are to near to it. And you would better use the dishwasher only for shoes, not other dirty things. And control the dishwasher in normal speed.

Forth, if you still find some dirty on the shoes, brush them away. And then place the shoes in some place well-winded.

The next day, you may find the Nike Free Run are clean, dry and no odor any more. That’s really not so hard for any one of us. This approach also applies to Nike FREE 3.0.



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